What Are You Working Towards

The next quest on this point in my journey is identifying what I am working towards. This may seem a bit strange, but when the question was first posed I honestly thought “nothing”. I am working towards nothing. After spending time writing and examining my life where it is at, there are things that I need to work towards which I have been ignoring.

It is romantic to think or want what I am working towards to be this lofty and amazing goal. Honestly, though, none of it is lofty, amazing or even romantic. After taking time to write it out, I was able to see that the things that I need to work toward do not need to be my perception of what I believe others expect, would put or desire. That is silly really.

I discovered that I have four key things that I am working towards. I currently do not know the how as of yet, but I feel good understanding the what and learning about the how and why. I am excited to see what the next quest is on this journey. Each step does make me feel better.

My four things that I am working toward are:

Good health - Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. This has to do with self care, fitness, nutrition and sleep.  All the things that I have been very poor at lately, but yet so very important.
Cleaning up my messes - I have some messes to clean up to provide myself with a clean slate. It would be amazing to be out of debt, resolve issues with my house and a past relationship gone wrong.
Re-establishing independence and autonomy - It isn't that I am not independent or lacking in autonomy, however, I need to regain my own space. Space is important. It helps to provide a place to meditate, plan, work, etc.
Securing my older years - Having money to pay for the years that I will not be able to work and income is limited, a safe, stable, peaceful, beautiful and loving place to exist within and a plan for those years where I may struggle.

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