Things That Make Me Happy

Our next quest on this adventure is to think about and determine those things that make us happy. I do not know if most people already know the answer to this question or not. I found it difficult to get started. I actually had to sit for a while struggling, before I was able to come up with something.

I chose to do this in list form, so below are things that make me happy. What are things that make you happy?

  1. Running, hiking or walking.
  2. Outdoors.
  3. Spa like environments. They are clean, pretty, uncluttered, peaceful and relaxing.
  4. DIY everything. LOL!
  5. Creating things. Anything – art, stories, poetry, pottery, paintings, doodles, photography, 3D mesh objects, etc.
  6. Organizing things, places, businesses.
  7. Developing systems, policies and procedures.
  8. Friends (in limited doses).
  9. Family (in limited doses).
  10. Being alone (in limited doses).
  11. The color teal.
  12. Boba tea with coconut milk.
  13. Thai chicken coconut soup.
  14. Reading.
  15. Writing.
  16. Playing computer games (mostly solo, but sometimes with others).
  17. T’Chou, my cat.
  18. Quiet spaces and nooks.
  19. Hot tea on a couch during a rain or snow storm, feeling warm, cozy, relaxed and safe.
  20. Taking photos of random things.
  21. Exercise.
  22. Learning new things and finding ways to apply those new things.
  23. Being pretty (don’t judge).
  24. Being respected.
  25. Having influence. Having a voice and opinion that matters and holds weight.
  26. Having a purpose or reason of being (in a healthy manner).
  27. Being different/unique. I like to be me.

There we have it. I am sure I can come up with more things, but these were the things that poured out of me once I started. Nothing esoteric, crazy or romantic. Some a little geeky.

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