Life brings many twists and turns before us.  Our choices in each moment plus our ability to cope with the unexpected and the unplanned build our lives.  The smallest choice can have a huge impact in the direction life goes, yet it is forgiving allowing many chances for those who are tenacious and focused.

It took me fifty years to realize that I want to live and to inspire others to live a good, independent and financially secure life.  I get to spend the rest of my life focused on learning and doing this. This space is my journey, experiences, knowledge and eventually wisdom to accomplish this for myself and for others.

You will find my struggles, thoughts, discoveries and creative endeavors all geared towards learning to and living a good, independent and financially secure life.  Hopefully, everyone will learn that it is never too late to start.  No one can determine another person’s finish or end of life status, however, keep in mind every step from this moment is a step forward.  Each step is one step away from where we currently stand.