Welcome Back

It has been a while..... There has been a lot going on, things I have been working on and working through. One of the major things is starting a new business.  This is a brand new world for me in a way.  A new business built grass roots start up style has put me in a position to apply … Continue reading

The Thoughtfulness Project

The people in our lives help make life precious, add to our purpose and provide us with a support system.  We each have our own people.  In my life, the holiday season is usually when I get to socialize with and see my people.  There are people that I do not get to see and socialize with … Continue reading

Week 1 ~ Recap

We have made it through the first week of the new year!  Yayyyy! I feel good having something to work on, although, it is a little overwhelming.  I keep reminding myself to do what I can do and that is GOOD enough.  The magic is in the little bit done everyday.  The rest will follow.  I … Continue reading