The Little Things

Little Things ~ turn into big things I skipped last weeks Muse Update and most of my social media posting. I am really trying to work on that Grand Cleanse you can read about in my previous entry. What to keep, what to drop, what to do and what to work on when things are tough. Do you … Continue reading

Which Book?

Hey! I have this long list of books to read. When I say long list, I mean it is over fifty books long. I realized I have not been reading like I did in the past and I really need to get back into reading. Reading is such an important thing to do. It opens our minds, introduces new words … Continue reading

Welcome Back

It has been a while..... There has been a lot going on, things I have been working on and working through. One of the major things is starting a new business.  This is a brand new world for me in a way.  A new business built grass roots start up style has put me in a position to apply … Continue reading