Janice is a fifty plus adventuring through life, learning everything possible along the way. She is passionate about creating a healthy lifestyle that brings fulfillment and wonder to each day. This blog/vlog is more than just the journey, but the lifelong endeavor to apply knowledge and develop wisdom.

An artist, photographer, writer and all around creative, she explores the world through the eyes of analytics and creativity. One of the rare personality types – a lovely INTP with a good does of introvert, an overdose of problem solving and a constant reminder to exercise tact creates adventures worthy of a sitcom.


To explore, breaking rules society has established that have resulted in inequity and inequality, to learn, grow and discover that when we love others, we love ourselves. When we harm others, we harm ourselves. We are all equal. Power is merely an illusion we choose to accept. Love is the responsibility we often deny. I do this by daring to live, to adventure, share my voice and listen to others.


Through writing, poetry, artwork, photography and daily life I analyze the society, the rules and structures around me. Creativity allows me to process, share and inspire others. Everyone is relevant. Every voice is a story to be shared, heard and understood. No matter where we stand today, we can create our dreams one step, one day and one moment at a time. My heart’s desire is to live this, share this and inspire others to first dream and then live that dream.


Crazy thing about values – they are the standard by which we make our choices. The fun part is we can actually consciously chose them, learn to live by them and they will move our life forward to success and dreams.

My current values are: integrity, truth, wisdom, family, abundance, wealth, fitness, creativity and compassion.