I have this long list of books to read. When I say long list, I mean it is over fifty books long. I realized I have not been reading like I did in the past and I really need to get back into reading.

Reading is such an important thing to do. It opens our minds, introduces new words into our vocabulary, presents us with concepts, ideas and many different kinds of thoughts. When we take the time to digest and analyze what we read, it really is life transforming – one book at a time.

Now, I am a little strange in that my favorite type of book is self help followed by DIY (do it yourself). I love learning and trying new things. While I will read books from other genres, my go to really sticks to self help and DIY. I think it may be time to add new books from other genres here and there.

So here is the thing – I have ten books titles listed to read out of the fifty. Just to be a pill – I have not included taglines or author titles (lol). I am asking all of you which book should I read out of the ten that I have listed. You can tweet me your choice, post your choice on my Facebook page or comment below. If there is a book you want to recommend, let me know that too.

The book that is mentioned the most is the book that I will read. Not only will I read it, I will give an update every four weeks until I have finished the book. At that point, I will give a full review. You are welcome to read along with me and join the discussion. You have two weeks to let me know your thoughts.

1• Craft of Book Binding
2• The No Spend Challenge Guide
3• Lonely Planet Poland (Travel Guide)
4• Tools of Titans
5• Aren’t I a Woman
6• Think Like A Freak
7• Heirloom Teddybears (How to make)
8• Living Forward
9• The New Science of Super Awareness
10• Nourishing Traditions

Thank you for listening and hopefully voting. Talk to you guys soon.

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