It has been a while…..

There has been a lot going on, things I have been working on and working through.

One of the major things is starting a new business.  This is a brand new world for me in a way.  A new business built grass roots start up style has put me in a position to apply things I have learned and to stretch me in ways I could never imagine.

One of the first things I realized is that I did not want a business as my personal name.  I wanted business to be business and me to be me.  I know that may sound a little silly, but businesses take on an identity.  When a person is the business and the business is the person, the personal world and the business world fight at times where there is a conflict in values.  While I personally share in the values of my business, the business is isolated to a specific purpose.  My personal being may have more than one purpose.  This is where the conflict pops up.

Going forward the blog I set up called Half Baked to Raw will transform into the business website and this website will be my personal blog.  It is a kind of separation of church and state issue within myself.  Yes, you can laugh at that.  I do.

When I realized that I did not want to name the business after me or do business as my personal self any longer, the struggle to select a name was on.  It was a quest.  I started by listing purpose, value and potential products.  In that moment I realized that Half Baked to Raw was the most suitable name.  I had named the business organically.

I have been on the adventure of creating the corporation and trying to make sure I meet the appropriate regulations.  Since it is a corporation there are things one must and has to do.  Paperwork!  I am still navigating through that right now.  You know crazy things like unemployment insurance, setting up payroll and all of that fun stuff.  Being prepped for future audits, because that will happen at some point.  I am foundation setting and it is a process.

The struggle to not be distracted as I work to be able to work from home is a real thing.  This is not just for myself, but also family.  It is a new thing.  I am accustomed to working in an office during the day and working from home at night.  I do not know why it doesn’t translate over for me, but it just does not.  Working from home during the day is very different than at night for me.  Weird, I know.

At any rate, I will be posting more here, now that I have figured myself and business separations out.  I am free to blog away and write about the things I encounter and live such as the empty nesting lifestyle, bringing fitness back to a 50 plus old body, dealing with the impact of house maintenance put off so I could take care of the girls as a single parent and other things like art, crafts, exploration, life, photography and Star Trek.

There is no promise to write daily here, but I am working to write every week.  That does not mean I won’t do daily writing or posting.  It just feels so good to be back.  After stopping blogging a few years ago due to a bit of insanity and drama that hit my life and struggling to find me, motivation, walk through depression and all sorts of junk – I am back to my happy spot.  That place where one writes for the sheer fun of it – the just because.  No pressures, no trying to sway or move someone.  Just honest authentic writing to work out, write through, share, discuss and be.

I am ready for this journey and it starts ——–

—————————————————————–> NOW!  Let’s BE, DO, BELIEVE & SEE

Until next time,

Janice (aka The Lady Renegade)


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