Myisha faced her father, partially in defiance but also in respect. He had given her the hardest lessons of all. Love isn’t always tender. Sometimes it is a double-edged sword that slices deep within.

She knew his intent was to get her to stop, to bring her back home to that suffocating mindless droning life.

“They say everything has already been created under the sun. So, what is the point in doing or creating anything? It is already done. There is nothing new. Life is just an illusion and I am tired of it.” Myisha softly spoke looking deep into her father’s eyes.

Alvian’s eyes widened in surprise to his daughter’s statement. Anger and disappointment swirled inside like battle demons searching for a way out.

“Myisha! What kind of words are these? Where is your honor, your integrity? I know that I have taught you better than this.”, Alvian spoke in a firm, intimidating tone. This tone normally worked with his daughter. Alvian felt the confidence subdue his anger, knowing he will have her on the way home with him soon.

Myisha fought back a smirk, amused at the same old tactics played by her father. “This time, dear father, this will not work with me.”, she thought to herself.

“Father!” Myisha cried out as she gathered her courage to face the one person she never could. “Father, my honor and integrity is right where I left it, in the corner room of your house. I will not be part of this illusion you have created – there is no honor in that. Better to be honorless than mindless.” Myisha spoke matching her father’s firmness and tone. She turned and walked away while her father was still shocked, tears rolling down her eyes.

Her heart hurt, but she knew being caged, forced to create for the benefit of one in exchange for privilege was wrong. She wondered how she will survive as she slipped into the darkness of the underpass.

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