The Little Things

Little Things ~ turn into big things I skipped last weeks Muse Update and most of my social media posting. I am really trying to work on that Grand Cleanse you can read about in my previous entry. What to keep, what to drop, what to do and what to work on when things are tough. Do you … Continue reading

The Grand Cleanse

It is raining outside. The sound of the rain is like a gentle lullaby calling me into a nap. My favorite cup of tea is near me, untouched, but I can taste the smell. These dismal type of days are my comfort days. My body just wants to find a couch somewhere and dig deep into a book, sip tea … Continue reading

Renegade or Rebel

I have been doing research for a book I am writing. Something that I stumbled upon that I find really interesting are the differences between a Renegade and a Rebel. They are so similar, yet - not the same. For the project I have in the works, the differences are keys to unlock small defining … Continue reading


It has been a fight - no correction, a struggle. I am not really fighting much of anything, but the struggling is exhausting. Life tosses us curve balls that shine a light on how we are really doing in life. That light brings introspection. There are so many different philosophies to living … Continue reading