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    Week 1 ~ Recap

    We have made it through the first week of the new year!  Yayyyy!

    I feel good having something to work on, although, it is a little overwhelming.  I keep reminding myself to do what I can do and that is GOOD enough.  The magic is in the little bit done everyday.  The rest will follow.  I cannot do everything all at one time.  My brain and body would love to disagree with that.

    Work is going okay.  I am not sure about the job, but I promised myself to stick it out a minimum of six months.  I hate doing things that I do not do well at and sales kind of jobs are really not my gig.  The thing is, I will never learn if I do not try and do.  Or as Yoda says, “No try, just do.”

    Right now, my focus is on the basics and that is okay.  I have my creative challenges in place and am looking forward to seeing where they go.  Week one is basically a set up week.  Honestly, the first three months of the year will be that for me, since I am a stubborn one.  Yes, the force is great within me and that is not always a good thing.

    At any rate, my quick recap against my goals is below.  I would love to give more details, but financially, I need to keep that part private, so for now I will compare against things or just confirm the practice.  I am pretty proud of those little bits.

    There will be one or two more entries this week.  I have to finish writing up my Thoughtfulness Project to share.  It needs a few tweaks.  I also have some writing to complete so I can introduce that creative process as well as getting me back into my arts. I am on my way for 2019, one baby step at a time.  I also have a few things to write about in dealing with depression.

    I hope you are making small gains or steps through your goals.


    Financially secure:

    • Retirement fund.  – I have a wee bit in here.  Not enough for a steak dinner, but there is something in there to start working for me.
    • Emergency fund. – A wee bit in here too, not enough to buy pizza for the family, but small consecutive actions build up.  Here we go.
    • Debt that sustained me – I haven’t started, but I did take a look.  It was scary.  I chose which debt to push funds to in order to knock it down.  I will add a lump payment at the end of each month.
    • Future projects – Right now we have to get the Emergency fund filled.  Once that is done, then this will be worked on.


    • Hydrate everyday – aka DRINK WATER; I did not do so well this week.  My job is not one where I can really drink water.  More like I have to guzzle on breaks and lunch.  So the plan is a full glass when I wake up; during my two breaks & lunch and 4 glasses after work.
    • Yoga everyday – This past week, I hit four days out of the seven.  Good job since I started from none.
    • Work out everyday – This past week, I hit three days out of seven.  Good job since I started from none.
    • Follow a liver friendly meal plan – I am working on it.  It seems everything I like has fat in it.  LOL!  Since it is so difficult, I am switching one meal a day for this coming week.
    • Meditation – I haven’t done this at all during the week.  ;/
    • Reading – Currently reading a great book about financial health.  On target here.  Boohyah!
    • Cleanliness – I am keeping up, but need to really follow that schedule.  That hard part – when I get home and don’t want to or wake up and don’t want to.
    • Art – practice and create everyday.
      • Blog – getting warmed up.
      • Listing the creations for sale. – Working on getting this done
      • Purposefully creating items to go into my portfolio that will build my case that I am an artist worthy of following, collecting and licensing.  Working on this.
    • Education – I am investigating options.


    • Rounding out life into community
      • Identify my communities and participate in them gratefully as I am able to do so
        • Family – I have seen lots of family this past week.
        • Work – Still focused on learning the job.
        • Friends – Invited one over for Star Trek Discovery this past weekend.  whoo!
        • My neighborhood – Not there yet
        • My town – Not there yet
        • My state – Not there yet
        • Art – Not there yet
        • Hobbies – Not there yet
        • Charity – Not there yet
    • Give myself encouragement, praise and love.  – Trying…funny how this is harder than I thought.  O.o
    • Practice my 12 months of thoughtfulness (I will write more on this later). Have it planned out, time to write about it.
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